is an aspiring copywriter based in Minneapolis. (This is his portfolio 👋)

Script (TV Spot)

Original Ad (TV Spot) / Nike  

Spec Ad (TV Spot) / Nike


This is where 150,000 miles will get you.
The middle of nowhere, all by yourself.
It’s quiet. Just birds, nature, and your thoughts.
Maybe you’re thinking about where you’ve been.
Maybe you’re thinking about how you got here.
About wrong turns and rust. About all those miles.
But with every tick of the odometer,
you’re reminded that miles can do one of two things:
they can break you,
or they can make you.


thoughts, ideas, etc.

A short video with a single narrator, this Nike TV Spot uses evocative music and universal imagery—a broken-down car on the side of a rural road—to engage the viewer. The narrator’s words are already expertly crafted, but I thought they were repetitive in places. For my spec ad, I added more imagery (“wrong turns and rust”) and made the last two lines punchier. While the latter change might not translate as well to a TV audience, I think the faster rhythm of those lines could fit nicely with the swelling music.